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How do I pick the right seat?

Seat comfort determines whether or not you enjoy cycling, so it's crucial to get a seat you like. Fortunately, you couldn't ask for a better time to be shopping. Because recently, there have been impressive advances in seat design and we carry an excellent selection of these great new saddles. We've got models for men and women, for every type of cycling and budget. 

We can recommend a seat based upon how you ride. But, your anatomy has a lot to do with which saddle feels best, so trying a new model is often helpful. In some cases, you might need to try several seats to find one that fits comfortably. Before you start swapping saddles however, be certain that the adjustment is correct. The seat's top should be level and the height and fore-and-aft positioning must be right because if these settings are wrong, even a super seat will feel bad. We can advise you on these important adjustments.

It also helps a lot to wear cycling shorts, which are padded and seamless in the crotch area. (Seams create bumps that can irritate and cause numbness.) These special shorts also fit comfortably and wick moisture away from the skin so there's less friction and zero chafing while pedaling.

Once you're riding in your cycling shorts on a seat that's correctly adjusted, you can assess how comfortable it is. Ideally, the saddle will support you and feel natural. If anything is digging in or hurting you or if you start to get numb or develop pain, that one is probably designed wrong for your body and you should try another. We have an excellent selection and we'll find one that works great. And, once you've found a sweet seat that you really like, you won't need to go through the selection process again for other bikes you might already own or want to get.


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